The Forest Service is holding five general meetings and five technical meetings on evaluating the Santa Fe National Forest lands for wilderness designation and you are invited. They are scheduled in the evening to make it easier for the public to participate. The first meeting is Sept. 7 in Espanola. For more information, download this letter from the Forest Service.

Interested? Schedule a Field Trip
The Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF) is revising its Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan), which guides management for all resources throughout the forest for the next 10 to 15 years. The following field trips are designed to provide opportunities for you to see resources on the forest, have conversations with SFNF specialists, and begin discussions with us and each other about what should be in the Forest Plan. The idea for field trips came from public meetings held in spring 2014 and YOUR INPUT IS NEEDED as we begin to draft the plan! Multiple-use locations have been selected throughout the forest to discuss current and future management needs of our forest resources. For more information and a list of Field Trips, click here.