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Call for Board Members

Would you like to make a meaningful and creative contribution to the Community of the Rio Chama Watershed?

We are inviting interested citizens to meet with us to discuss becoming a
Rio Arriba Concerned Citizen Board Member.

Please contact us at or just come meet us at our next Board Meeting of 2019 at:

2pm on Friday, May 31 at the El Rito Public Library

Thank you!


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9 hours ago

Rio Arriba Concerned Citizens

What will it take for those bent on "business as usual" to listen? Us. Speaking up. Loud and consistently - if not for ourselves, then for our children and grandchildren. The current politicians in D.C. have publicly stated they don't care about the future, because they won't be here (!). And some of NM state officials act as though they too are deaf to the realities of global warming. Unacceptable!

..."It had been thought that the permafrost - ground that remains frozen for at least two years - would remain until at least 2090. But the study found thawing levels were above 150 to 240% above historic levels."

1,000,000 Strong Against Offshore Drilling
'...not expected until 2090' So what does this mean for the IPCC's '12 years left' thingy?
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Help us keep this beautiful land pristine for another 100 million years.