Rio Arriba Concerned Citizens presents:

El Agua Es Vida

multimedia images from the Rio Chama Watershed

Barbara Turner
Cinda Kelly
Iren Schio 
Julie Wagner
Sabra Moore

The Café Abiquiu at Abiquiu Inn
April 1st – April 30th 7AM – 9PM

Partial proceeds will benefit the programs of Rio Arriba Concerned Citizens
Luciente, Inc., a community-based 501©3 organization, is the fiscal sponsor of R.A.C.C.

RACC Facilitates a Meeting of the Renewable Minded!

At the suggestion of NNMC President Rick Bailey, Cinda Graham, Vice President and long-time Board Member of RACC, brought together a dynamic group of individuals last month at NNMC for a lively discussion about how the college and the local solar industry players could potentially align themselves. Lunch was generously provided by Northern New Mexico College. This event was envisioned as a conversation about the future workforce coming out of the college and how the Northern New Mexico solar industry envisions its industry related jobs needs.

Attendees invited by RACC included, John Ussery of NNMC, Provost Ivan Lopez, Bob Bresnahan of Renewable Taos, Luis Duran of NM Workforce Solutions, Luis Torres, in charge of the upcoming Solar Expo at NNMC, Sarah McCormick, Recruitment Officer and DSO for NNMC, Wendi Dolci, President of Luciente, Marti MacDonald, Administration and Operations for Paradise Power, Karen Paramanandam of Sunpower by Positive Energy Solar, and Mark Johnson, owner of SollunaSolar out of Dixon. Cinda Graham, Bill Clark and Peggy Baker of RACC and President Rick Bailey were also at the table and helped facilitate the conversation.

There was a lively give and take between the solar business representatives and their workforce needs and the college’s present and future offerings for students interested in solar industry jobs. Also discussed were what measures might facilitate apprenticeships or internships and what might stimulate interest in the field.

RACC deeply appreciates the work President Rick Bailey is doing to revivify the NNMC community. We hope RACC’s dual mission of Rio Chama Watershed protection and education around solar energy, will continue to align with NNMC and their vision, for potential future events like this one. Special thanks to Cinda of RACC for the event!

Renewable Energy Festival – Power to the People!!

Northern New Mexico College is bringing us another great event Friday and Saturday, April 20th and 21st. From seminars on solarizing your home and renewable energy legislation, to performances that include Flamenco by ‘ La Emi’ Y Compania and the Ohkay Owingeh Butterfly dancers, this event looks like it will be a true celebration of all that our community is doing collectively to realize the renewable world we would like to live in. This is an event you will not want to miss!! See you there.

To look at the promotional poster and schedule of events for the festival, please click here.

Rio Chama Congreso Focuses on FIRE

The third annual Rio Chama Congreso took place at Ghost Ranch on March 10th. This conference is turning into a must-attend event for those wanting to explore the San Juan Chama Watershed Partnership, which focuses on the ecosystem health of the vital headwaters of the Rio Chama River in southern Colorado and far Northern New Mexico.

The congreso concept is that collaborative decision-making can combine local knowledge with scientific management to sustain indigenous cultures, provide educational and economic opportunity for young residents and protect our resources.”

(from the Rio Chama Congreso website)

Participates included students and citizens as well as agencies like the Forest Service, Game and Fish, State Engineer, and non-governmental organizations like Chama Peak Land Alliance and Rio Grande Restoration. This is the 3rd year that Bill Clark from Rio Arriba Concerned Citizens has attended.

This year’s congreso focused on increased drought, wildfire, insects and water shortage that threaten our critical headwater forests. Post-fire flooding events destroy agricultural production and affect the volume and quality of our water supply here in the Rio Chama Watershed.

Put this event on your radar for next year. All are welcome!