New Oil and Gas Leasing Slated for Our Watershed

A new BLM oil and gas lease sale is coming our way. Parcels on offer in the March 8th, 2018 lease sale are east of Hwy 112 and near the towns of LLaves, Regina and Gallina, and are well within our watershedboundaries. Lease sales now happen online only so there will be no opportunity to protest in person as we have done in the past. The public comment period to the BLM is very short, beginning December 6th and ending January 4th of this year.

Click here to view an interactive map that shows the new parcels that will be part of the lease sale. Be sure to x away the detail box you see in the upper right hand corner so you are able to see the red flags marking the leases that are within our watershed boundary. Look for the beautiful waterways of the Chama River and Abiquiu Lake and you will see red flags within very few miles.

As in the past, RACC is looking forward to facilitating your public input to the BLM. Look for a RACC Watershed Alert in the next couple of weeks that will announce the ways we can facilitate your response to this new and important threat to the watershed. We’ll make it easy for you.

Don’t let the holidays stop you from making your voice heard! What better gift to the watershed you live in than to take this opportunity to act. By giving the watershed a voice, you are giving it your protection! 

As locals who understands the importance of the Rio Chama Watershed, this will be an opportunity to make sure that the current administration understands that we will not accept the commodification of this vital watershed in Northern New Mexico. 

Please stay tuned and start to think about what you might want to tell the BLM in your comment letters, and your editorials to news sites.

Let’s speak up in numbers and make sure they know we are here and we will protect what we love.

Thank you for all you do to protect the Rio Chama Watershed!