Rio Arriba Concerned Citizens is a grassroots organizations whose mission is to

“To protect the public health and land, air, and water of the Rio Chama Watershed, Rio Arriba County, and the State of New Mexico, and to promote sustainable development through education, collaborative planning, community action, and policy advocacy” 

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Tell the BLM to take our land off the auction block! 

Only 8 days left!

The protest period to address oil and gas lease sales near Gallina began July 16 and will continue until August 15th.

Please note that this protest period is separate from the comment period you may have already participated in last May and requires further action.

Your comments sent by email during the first comment period in May have made a difference!  22 of the 35 parcels that were to be auctioned by the BLM on October 22, 2014 have been deferred. 

However, there is one more crucial action we all need to take to remove the remaining 13 parcels, WRITE A PROTEST LETTER TO THE BLM. 

The BLM has granted RACC three meetings so far.  We know that your letters are being read and do influence the reports the BLM is required to write to justify oil and gas development.

The geology and hydrology of the parcels that are up for auction has not been sufficiently studied.

Below these parcels lies the Morrison Formation aquifer, which is a vital aquifer in the Rio Chama Watershed. In our area the Morrison Formation aquifer continually recharges and is a potable source of drinking water that feeds springs, wells, and acequias.  Endangering the purity of this aquifer would have disastrous effects for us all.

The Rio Chama flows to the Rio Grande and together they deliver over half of the water for the entire state.  The Rio Gallina, which could be affected by drilling in the lease sale parcels, flows directly into the Rio Chama Watershed.

It is essential that we create resistance in our community to the misuse of our most precious resources.  Without your opposition, the BLM will begin drilling in the Santa Fe National Forest near Gallina.

Your letter is a valuable resource in the continued resistance to irresponsible oil and gas development in our Watershed.  It is very important that you send a hard copy or email copy of your Protest Letter to RACC for our records.  Copies of your Protest Letter could serve as evidence of public controversy in a future suit against the BLM filed by an established environmental protection organization in our region.

With copies of your letters we can hold the BLM responsible to their mission; “to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of America’s public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations”.

We cant thank you enough for challenging the BLM and participating in the betterment of our community in this fundamental way!

For more information and a sample letter go to our website.

Stay Informed!

Free informative booklets detailing our counties history with oil and gas and our concerns about it are available at the Abiquiu Library, El Rito Library, and the Rising Moon Gallery. Pick one up today!

Rio Arriba is the name of our county and our group but more then that it means “Up River” and is a reminder that in New Mexico we are “up river” and what happens here will affect many downstream.  Get involved today.

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