A better way to collect our energy.

Solar Energy Initiative

There are several factors pointing to Solar as a positive energy development and employment pathway for our region. We have a whopping average of 281 sunny days per year in Rio Arriba County, prices in the New Mexican solar industry have declined 55% over the last 5 years* and we are part of a resourceful and practical community with a tradition of building and thriving in harmony with the land. There are already 170,000 homes powered by solar in the state*. New Mexico’s solar industry includes almost 100 companies and about 1,900 workers and is rapidly expanding.

*SEIA Solar Energy Industries Association statistic

Solar Jobs in Northern NM Information

As we worked to inform citizens about the potential dangers of the BLM’s lease sales to the Gas and Oil industry in our Watershed, we saw a new job sector opening up in the Solar Energy field that could be a sustainable alternative to local Oil and Gas revenues and jobs in our community.

Our particular area of focus will be to offer information concerning the future of Solar Energy jobs in our region and particularly information and connection between the Solar Energy suppliers in Northern NM and the sources of training for the needed jobs.

We are currently working with the Northern New Mexico College to bring together directors of their Renewable Energy Careers program with Northern New Mexico Solar Energy suppliers and businesses for an important discussion about effective curriculum and training for Solar Energy jobs in our watershed.

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