Join us in protecting the public health, land, air, and water of the Rio Chama Watershed.

Call for Board Members

Would you like to make a meaningful and creative contribution to the Community of the Rio Chama Watershed?

We are inviting interested citizens to meet with us to discuss becoming a
Rio Arriba Concerned Citizen Board Member.

Please contact us at or just come meet us at our next Board Meeting of 2019 at:

2pm on Friday, March 29 at the El Rito Public Library

Thank you!


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The 2019 NM Legislative Session wraps up roughly at noon today. We will pause and give us all a bit of a break. Then report on the outcomes of the bills we have been watching/supporting as the details become known. As of this moment, the stats are coming in a bit lean on big progress. Retake our Democracy reported today they gave our legislators a "D" on addressing climate change bills. While other organizations are citing victories. We will read up and present as neutral of an assessment as we can. As we all know organizations and groups of people have various areas of focus providing us with many diverse viewpoints - a great thing. And we can note that upon seeing a video from "Unrig the System" which stated that bills that garner much public support, when statistically tallied /tracked nationally, in the end - roughly only 30% of them get passed by elected officials. Stay tuned. ... See MoreSee Less


Help us keep this beautiful land pristine for another 100 million years.